Elliott/Larsen Musicals

New Musicals by Michelle Elliott & Danny Haengil Larsen


Catch the Wind

The Pirate Read is revered by his fellow pirates who recognize his navigation skills, as well as his ability to out drink any man on the boat. But the Pirate Read harbors a dangerous secret – he is a she – and is in fact Mary Read, a woman who has circumvented the rigid (and deadly) social and gender constraints of the 18th Century to pursue her love of the ocean and her dream of sailing the high seas by posing as a man. Now Read’s secret is in jeopardy as a mysterious man from a passing ship lands on board, throwing the boat into upheaval and awakening Mary’s feminine self for the first time. Caught between the pirates’ growing need for treasure, her rivalry with Captain Jack Rackham and a blooming friendship with the Jack’s mistress, Anne Bonney, Mary is torn between the need to keep her female self secret and the growing desire to reveal her true self to the mysterious sailor and experience love for the first time. Catch the Wind is one astounding woman’s adventurous journey to her true, fierce, female self.